Retailisation in support of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and suspension of commercial activities in russia

Given the actual situation in Ukraine and in response to the ongoing conflict, Retailisation announces that it is suspending commercial operations in Russia.

While we realise that on both sides there are people who have nothing to do with the political decisions that lie at the root of the conflict in Ukraine, the disruption in the region is making normal business operations untenable. We will continue to closely monitor the evolving situation.

Our thoughts are with all of those who have been affected.

At Retailisation we support the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine through the Help for Ukrainian Refugees fund.

At Retailisation, we stand for those affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and acknowledge that on both sides there are people that have not chosen to be in a war. We are sad to see the direction this conflict has taken and how it will impact innocent people, today and for years to come. We are with you in our thoughts and our hearts.

Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO & Founder at Retailisation
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